Topic: "Open ticket" form customization

Hi, I really need some help to customize the main form used to open tickets:

1. I can't remove fields from the form;

2. "Predefined" fields set on the proper configuration menu, are not being automatically selected when the user open the ticket's form;

3. I can't add or remove "types" of ticket (Incident... Request..).

The version of GLPI is 0.83.8

GLPI is a really good tool but not so clear to customize.. Please help, it's very urgent!



Re: "Open ticket" form customization

1.  Not all fields can be removed
2.  Are you updating each change?  It works for my tests.
3.  This can not be removed.



Re: "Open ticket" form customization

Thanks for your answer danh!

1. I was able to remove some fields using the menu "Hidden Fields".

2. Yes, I am updating each change, and even after logout and logon, I can see my changes. The goal is to have the field "category" automatically filled with an option, once it was the only way I found to customize the form, connecting the category to a template.

3. Is there some way to connect this field "Types" to a template? in order to selecting "Incident" (for example), a template is loaded with my definitions of mandatory ,predefined and hidden fields??


Re: "Open ticket" form customization

You can use a business rule to assign all tickets as incidents