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WAW...GLPI is very interesting, but the documentation is not complete yet.

My new quetion is with Network architecture "Plugin", I download the program and follow the information that exist in the Readme file, uncompress all files in the Plugins directory in my GLPI installation and download the "GRAPHVIZ" from the site..The version that I download is the 2.8 and the third-party.zip file. Of course I install in the server the program, but I don't know where put the third party software yikes

When I access to the menu in GLPI and select "archires" I can see only a gib red X hmm

Again can You guide me?

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Re: Network architecture Plugin

have you reboot your system after the installation of graphwiz ?

The safe mode in php must be on off in php


Re: Network architecture Plugin

WAW... the problem was it, php.ini  "safe Mode" thanks

But.. I only see some computers not all.. because the graphic are horizontal, when minimize the window, the scroll bar appear and I can move.. I see only one link between two routers that i use in mrtg.

Again.. guide me please hmm


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have you connected all your computers on switchs ?


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yes I have it


Re: Network architecture Plugin

plz test with svn version of this plugin