Topic: Recherche dans Liste des utilisateurs du forum


Il y a un souci semble il dans la liste des utilisateurs du forum quand on fait un tri par post ou date d'enregistrement:

An error was encountered

Note: For detailed error information (necessary for troubleshooting), enable "DEBUG mode".
To enable "DEBUG mode", open up the file config.php in a text editor, add a line that looks like "define('FORUM_DEBUG', 1);" (without the quotation marks), and re-upload the file.
Once you've solved the problem, it is recommended that "DEBUG mode" be turned off again (just remove the line from the file and re-upload it).


GLPI 0.85.2 / Windows 2008r2 / IIS 7.5 / PHP 5.3.8 / MySQL 5.0.8
FusionInventory 0.85+1.0  / FusionInventory-Agent_v2.3.14