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I have two servers GLPI, server SI and server SEM, I would merge this two servers.

I want to keep tickets and categories from both database. So I can't copy my save .sql in /files/_dumps/ and use "Administration > Maintenance > Restore"

Any solution?


Server Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
GLPI 0.80.4

GLPI 0.83.2
Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS


Re: Move database B into database A

"Merge" and "Restore" are incompatible terms.

By merging, you mean that there are tickets on the target server that you would like to retain? I ask because if you "Restore", it would wipe out all existing entries.

This, of course, assumes that both installations are identical, down to the same plugins and probably plugin configurations.

If you just want to have a backup copy, you are better off letting your regular backup schedule take care of the GLPI files, and your MySQL backups take care of that part.

And if you want to have a turn-key failover, setup MySQL replication (one server keeps the tables from the master synchronized) and run a cron job to copy the files over.


Re: Move database B into database A

Thanks you for your reply

I have expressed myself wrong, I know I can't use "Restore"

I want to merge database SEM with database SI without overwrite their tickets (those with the same ticket number)

Database SEM have only Root Entity
Database SI have the Root Entity and two Entity: "SI" and "SAN"

I want to merge database SEM in entity "SEM" of database SI

GLPI 0.83.2
Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS


Re: Move database B into database A


do you only want to merge tickets, or do you have also other assets ?
there's a solution that may work for you, just send me a message.

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Re: Move database B into database A

Good day!
I have same situation, 2 servers (or, maybe, more in future) in diffirent networks, connected via VPN.
What I need: synchronise them by scheme:
Server A - Main server
Server B - GLPI Server in subnet B (Serv. C - in subnet C, etc...)
Each server will keep information only about own subnet, but server A have to synchronise databases with each of other servers and it must be with full inventory info about all of networks.
Each server have same configuration and installed plugins.

Is there any solution?