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#1 2017-07-16 16:17:19

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Setup the ticketing process to make make custom report easier?

Hi everyone

I am new to GLPi. At my place of work (an educational institute), I am trying to implement GLPi to monitor a few IT assets.
Here is the scenario We have quiet a few classrooms and multimedia projectors. These multimedia projectors are sent to different classrooms at different times based on user request.

I have inventoried all the multimedia projectors and classrooms.

Now can someone please guide me on how to setup a ticketing/work-flow process so that I can generate the following reports..

1) How many times a particular multimedia projector has been sent to a particular classroom in a given time period( say a week).

2) How many different multimedia projectors were sent to a particular classroom in a given time period( say a week).

I know that there is a tab that shows ‘Historical’ information that records all the changes to all the fields; I could use that as a last resort, but that is too clumsy.

I have also been lookingat the 'reports' plugin, seems that will involve bit of coding. I was wondering if there was an easier way, may be a simple database query? or something? smile

Thanks in advance


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