Topic: Upgrade database to 9.1.3 from .84.5

We have an existing GLPI installation and I was tasked with updating to a new one.

I ran into 2 snags after importing/updating the database:
1)  Our "Staff" profile lost all permissions set for asset view/management.  The existing installation has "write" selected for every drop down, while the new installation had an empty table with nothing allowed.

2)  The associated elements table wasn't properly populated.  Ticket management had empty results under "Associated Elements" for every ticket.  The glpi_items_tickets table was empty.

My fix was to run the following SQL command, to pull the associated element out of each row in tickets, and insert it into the glpi_items_tickets table:

INSERT INTO glpi_items_tickets (itemtype, items_id, tickets_id)
SELECT itemtype, items_id, id as tickets_id
FROM glpi_tickets
WHERE NOT items_id=0;


Re: Upgrade database to 9.1.3 from .84.5

1/ in 0.85 the system of profile change but all old rights are transcribed.
    For Write right, read, create, update, delete, purge are defined.

2/ This table was created in 0.85.3 with items of glpi_tickets
   Have you still items_id and itemtype fields in glpi_tickets table?

CentOS 6.5 - PHP 5.6 - PHP 7 - MySQL 5.6  + APC + memcached
GLPI 0.90.5 SVN - GLPI 9.1.3 SVN