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#1 2017-03-31 21:24:36

thalia sierralta
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plugins glpi

buenas tardes, tengo  una consulta ya que instalaron el glpi y para utilizarlo lo busco como un browser, su servidor es virtual y descargue un programa que se llama putty con el cual supuestamente puedo entrar al servidor, mi consulta es la siguiente, si quiero instalar varios plugins al glpi 9.1 que es la version que tengo, como puedo hacerlo por el putty? existe otra manera de hacerlo que no sea por alli, como puedo llegar al servidor para copiar las carpetas de los plugin alli directamente, gracias de antemano...

Good afternoon, I have a query since they installed the glpi and to use it I search as a browser, your server is virtual and download a program called putty with which I can supposedly enter the server, my query is the following, if I want to install Several plugins to glpi 9.1 which is the version I have, how can I do it for the putty? There is another way to do it other than there, as I can get to the server to copy the folders of the plugin there directly, thanks in advance ...


#2 2017-03-31 23:08:51

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Re: plugins glpi


If you want to install a plugin for GLPI, you must copy the files of the plugin in the filesystem.

If you use Putty to access your server then you can use some common commands to download and extract the archive of a plugin.

(assuming your server runs linux, you should use these commands)

cd ~ 
tar xf plugin.tar.gz
mv plugin /path/to/glpi/plugins/

Always run an upgrade task on a testing instance before running it on production ! Always backup before any upgrade task !

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