Topic: PHP error in dbmysql.class.php

Edit a supplier is not possible in glpi 9.1.2 and in apache error log I see this error :

PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught Error: Call to a member function fetch_assoc() on boolean in dbmysql.class.php:308\nStack trace:\n#0 db.function.php(320): DBmysql->fetch_assoc(false)\n#1 commondbtm.class.php(1876): countElementsInTable('glpi_plugin_dom...', '`glpi_suppliers...')\n#2 commondbtm.class.php(2372): CommonDBTM->canUnrecurs()\n#3supplier.class.php(133): CommonDBTM->showFormHeader(Array)\n#4 commonglpi.class.php(473): Supplier->showForm('6', Array)\n#5 ajax/common.tabs.php(97): CommonGLPI::displayStandardTab(Object(Supplier), 'Supplier$main', '', Array)\n#6 {main}\n  thrown in dbmysql.class.php on line 308, referer: http://glpi/glpi/front/supplier.form.php?id=6

Could you please help me


Re: PHP error in dbmysql.class.php

Additional information, if I disabled order plugin and I create a new supplier, I can edit this


Re: PHP error in dbmysql.class.php

I test again with plugin order disabled and does not work


Re: PHP error in dbmysql.class.php

I have solved my problem with explanation in topic id=35099

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