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#1 2009-01-18 22:17:16

From: Russia
Registered: 2006-04-25
Posts: 45

[Happy holidays!] GLPI use report

Hi, dear All!

I have GLPI 0.71.2 on FreeBSD/Apache/Nginx as SSL-ed front-end/Exchange(IMAP)/Postfixas SMTP in production use for 3+ months.

Few words about our configuration. We have approximately 20 entities (entity per customer) with 200 active users (user in GLPI per customer's employee). One mailgate for all entities (one [email protected] mailbox). Users are calling us or sending emails to [email protected] mailbox for ticket auto-creation. With small hack tickets are assigned to user's entity ( … p?id=12366). We use GLPI to count time we spent per customer. All inventory stuff are done in GLPI (of course).

Now about problems and wishes we facing.

1) Tickets via email. Mail parser (even with small hack: … p?id=12378) is not working very well. I think it's main our problem now. Users, as a result of bad mail parsing, are receiving bad-formed notification emails which hard to read and understand.

2) Planning tickets and time tracking. We track time _actually_ spent per ticket. It meens that after each activity on ticket our engineer inputs time. All going well but planning. For now ticket which are planned in GLPI are automaticaly updated with duration = t(ticket planning end) - t(ticket planning begin). Can such behaviour be optional and duration of planned ticket be untouched?

3) Notifications email customization. Big monitor is good thing, but at our and our customer's opinion footer in notification email are too big ;-). I'm thinking about implementing email templates ourselves but have one question. We can do in-file or in-database email templates. First is easier and faster, second allows to do per-entity email templates. Main purpose of email templates: stripping unnecessary info (from footer), look and feel optimization and adding general info for customer (about how to work with email tickets, for example). What way are preferable in case of target to integrate changes in GLPI?

4) Password request.
We add new user to GLPI when receiving request from customer to create new account (AD, email, etc.) for new customer's employee. As username in GLPI we are using email. Password for user in GLPI are not set. Not all users want to use web-interface to work with tickets but for that user who want to it's not bad idea to make password request (password are generated and sent to user's email, probably with instructions).

4) Ticket creation/assigning requirements.
I think, good thing is ability to select fields which must be set during ticket creation/assigning (for example, request source, priority and category).

5) Many emails per user. Some users using work and personal email to send requests to [email protected] Сorrectness of such behavior are questionable, but we permit to do so.

Sorry for my poor English.
Also, as Ukrainian living in Russia, want to apologize for Russian and Ukrainian overcorrupt governments which can't do natural gas business in fair manner.

Thank in advance for reply.

GLPI 0.71.2/FreeBSD/Apache/Nginx


#2 2009-01-22 01:26:15

GLPI - Lead
From: Poitiers
Registered: 2004-09-13
Posts: 14,513

Re: [Happy holidays!] GLPI use report

first of all :beta-test the 0.72 version to make return for this future version

1/ yes it is a problem. But we have no solution for the moment.
2/ not for the moment. I do not understand, if you planned something you need to add this time to duration
3/ in file templates may be entity based if you associate a tempalte file to an entity. If you want to implemente it I invite you to put your idaes to the dev wiki. Developers will be able to comment the solution you want to use :
4/ may be useful. I create a ticket :
4(2)/ on the central or on the helpdesk ?
5 / we need to permit multiple email for users. I create a ticket

I think using glpi-dev mailing list will be easier to disccus.

MoYo - Julien Dombre - Association INDEPNET
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#3 2009-01-22 08:57:19

From: Russia
Registered: 2006-04-25
Posts: 45

Re: [Happy holidays!] GLPI use report

1) I'll try to deal with this problem.
2) "Planned" and "done" is different things in general. We add only actual work time after task really done. We can plan 1 hour but spent more or less.
3) We interested in participating in this task after (1).
4-1) Great!
4-2) On central. Users can create tickets as they can, but technicians must be forced to play by rules (set mandatory fields: priority, category, etc.).
5) Thanks.

I'll update to 0.72 in short time. Not updated yet because of few hand-made hacks smile
Ok, I'm subscribed to [email protected] and [email protected] already. I'll be using [email protected] next time.

GLPI 0.71.2/FreeBSD/Apache/Nginx


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