Topic: SLA and Ticket Category

Is it possible to assign an SLA to a ticket category?

Sample scenario: If a user created a ticket and choose specific ticket category then the SLA will automatically populated?

If possible, please let us know or provide steps.

Thank you!


Re: SLA and Ticket Category

GLPI version ?
use administration>rules>buiness rules for tickets.
set criteria : category = mycategory
action : sla= MySla

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*GLPI 0.90.5+fusion90+1.0+behaviours0.90+reports+fields+appliances+pdf+badges+webservices PHP7.0 Mariadb10
*GLPI 9.1.2 (behaviours+DashBoard+fields+pdf)hebergé sur serveur mutualisé.


Re: SLA and Ticket Category


Thank you for your response.

The GLPI version is GLPI 0.85.1.

Can you suggest any manual that I can use to read all the fields and tabs in GLPI.

Seriously, I would like to understand more of them.

Thanks in advanced.